Viking tours is a fully licensed travel operator with many years of experience in Westman Islands

We can offer you a wide range of magnificent experiences in Westman Islands like boat tours, bus tours, hiking tours and catering service. Viking tours office is located at café Kró on the small boat harbour nearby the ferry.

Enjoy the unique volcanic nature, one of the largest varieties of see birds in Iceland, the volcanic coastline with their deep bird cliffs, the youngest volcano in the world, one of the windiest places in Europe and the fantastic view to the mainland and over Westman Islands like Surtsey during our tours. Before or after the tour you can enjoy a lovely hot soup with bread and coffee/tea at lunchtime, and/or something sweet with coffee/tea in the afternoon.

Visit our website to see what you might experience in some of our tours; lava coastline, deep bird cliffs, puffins, gannet, colourful ocean caves, biggest and oldest elephant in the-world, worldwide almost youngest volcano, windiest place of Europe, Mid-Atlantic ridge, saxophone in the cave and more.