You want to explore Westman Islands from land and sea, then we are the first choice. During our tours, which are guided in English, you will explore with us the historical and natural side of Westman Islands.

Boat Tour
The boat tour gives you a look at colorful ocean caves, the newly formed volcanic island of Surtsey and other islands of Westman Islands, and the lava coastline with its deep bird cliffs. You can observe variety of seabird and occasionally whales. Before heading back, we sail into the Cliff Cave near the harbor, where you will hear the sound of an instrumental music and enjoy the unique acoustic in this cave.

Bus Tour
Our Natural History Bus Tour takes you on a unique trip through a fascinating history of the Westman Islands. Sitting on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Westman Islands are home to an incomparable landscape of volcanoes, lava, and windswept cliffs. Heimaey were formed during more than one eruption; the oldest parts are nearly 40.000 years old, the volcano Helgafell around 5.000 years and the youngest one – Eldfell – from 1973. Along the tour you will see ruins of the farmhouse of the first settler of Westman Islands, stand at the windiest place in Europe, visiting the puffin area, drive by the newest volcano Eldfell, drive on newest land and get a small sightseeing tour in the town.

Private and group tours
We offer tailor made tours like private bus and boat tours or groups and individuals as well hiking tours for travel agencies.
Please send us your request per mail and we try our best to meet your demands.