Signs of the 1973 eruption are very visible all over Heimaey

The island grew considerably in the eruption, prior to it, Heimaey was 11.2 km2 but immediately after the eruption, it was measured 13.44 km2. Since then Heimaey has lost some land due to coastal erosion. In the eastern part of town, you can see in many places where the lava flow came to halt.

To slow down and stop the flow, cold sea was pumped on the blazing hot stream. Truly an amazing accomplishment. This is very visible on the corner of Strandvegur and Kirkjuvegur. The edge of the lava is quite an amazing sight but must have been rather intimidating during the eruption.

The lava flow stopped very close to two houses in town and the remains can be observed today. One on Vestmannabraut with remains of Blátindur and the other on Nýjabæjarbraut where the gable of the house can be seen from the end of the street.