The landscape of the Westman Islands is no less breathtaking below sea surface

Off the islands there is an abundance of areas where scuba divers can enjoy the captivating undersea view in the company of various sea creatures.

Everyone finds a fitting area for diving, both experienced and those who are new to the sport. The best way is to dive from a boat since there are few accessible sand beaches on the coastline. It is also possible to go diving from the shore, e.g. from Víkin and Kaplagjóta.

The sea is only 4–6°C during the wintertime and 10–15°C in the summer, so it is recommended that divers use dry suits. The best visibility is during winter but can also be quite good in the spring and autumn, despite the northern latitude. Good visibility is considered to be 12 metres.

There are not official scuba diving outfitters in the Westman Islands. However, guests with international diver certification can get assistance and service. Oxygen cylinders can also be rented and filled at The Westman Islands Knowledge Centre (Þekkingarsetur).