Not every member of the staff at Sæheimar is as cute as Tóti the puffin

He lives in Sæheimar which is The Fish and Natural Museum of the Westman Islands. He has been there since he was found abandoned at a puffin colony, only one week old. Tóti hatched unusually late in the season and could not accompany other puffin chicks once they were ready to leave their holes.

The museum opened in 1964 and it is the oldest one of its kind in Iceland. There are many things worth seeing there. At the museum there is a sea-tank with fish and benthos that populate the North Atlantic Ocean. There is also a tank with crabs, starfish, gunnels and sea urchins that guests can examine with their own hands.

Sæheimar features a broad selection of mounted Icelandic birds with eggs and a variety of other natural objects.