Ofanleitishamar is north of Breiðibakki which is next to Raufin. A walk along this cliff is an impressive one.

The cliff is an ideal place to observe sea birds and even foraging killer whales that sometimes can be spotted west of Heimaey.

This hike offers a beautiful view of the outlying islands, Heimaey in the south, the smaller islands and the Fíll, west of Blátindur.

Fíll (The Elephant) is a very beautiful rock formation that looks like an elephant stretching its trunk into the sea.

The golf course is situated at the roots of Blátindur and by the coastline, you will find Mormónapollur and Kaplagjóta.

It is an enjoyable walk from Herjólfsdalur to Kaplagjóta and then along Ofanleitishamar to the south on Heimaey.