In the Westman Islands there are innumerous caves, truly beautiful beyond words

Many of them can only be reached by boat but some can be explored by foot. The most renowned is propably Klettshellir, the largest one of the Westman Islands. Its acoustics is unique and planned trips from Heimaey can be booked. In Hæna there is a cave, only accessible by diving, which by many, is considered an absolute treasure. The lighting on its ceiling and walls play a mesmerizing intercourse with the reflecting sea surface, with light coming from the opening below. An incredible display of colours and lights, especially at sunset. At Stórhöfði you will find the caves Fjósin, Selhellir by Sölvaflá and Litli Höfðahellir which can be visited from land and sea. The domes of Súlnasker and Hellisey are also well known and worth visiting. The caves of the Westman Islands are truly magical.