The Westman Islands are a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. On Heimaey there are numerous hiking paths and an interesting path on the very outskirts of the whole island.

The new lava is a popular destination for hikers where volcanic vestiges from the 1973 Heimaey eruption can be examined. The lava is accessible from many directions but one of the most common paths is the one where hikers go up the stairs from Kirkjuvegur. The Eldfell crater is among places of interest with an impressive cross at the very center of it. Exploring the old lava is time well spent and strolling along the edge of the whole cliff on a sunny day is truly a memorable experience.

The Skansinn is another place worth visiting and an ideal starting point with the coastline and the new lava ahead. From there, Urðaviti lighthouse can be reached along Gjábakkafjara.

Herjólfsdalur has a very important place in the history of the Westman Islands. The valley is a nice place to amble, enjoy its tranquility and visit the Mormon Pond and the Mormon Monument — an angel overlooking the sea which was built by descendants of the 400 Icelanders who became mormones and migrated from 1854–1914 to Utah in the United States. On the way to the Mormon Pond, Kaplagjóta is worth seeing. The name, Kaplagjóta (The Horse hollow), derives from the times when the islanders killed horses and placed them the hollow, as it was forbidden to eat horse meat in Iceland.

With its wonderful hiking path, the Stórhöfði cape is a must visit. In the summertime the sheep freely roam the cape and the birdlife is truly exquisite. From there, hikers can prolong their hike along the hills of Sæfell, south of the airstrip before reaching Helgafell. Eldfell is situated next to Helgafell where the old and new lava meet.