A map of various hikin paths and mountains

It is very important to get familiar with circumstances before heading off.
Weather can change rapidly in Iceland.

Heimaey is mostly surrounded by mountains that are all passable, even though some are more difficult than others

Eldfell, Helgafell and Sæfell are all family friendly compared to the others. Hiking to the top of Stórhöfði is also very pleasant. In the summer, the birdlife Stórhöfði is very diverse and lively. There you will also come across a bird hide which is ideal for watching the puffins glide in the updraft.

Dalfjall’s name derives from the renowned Herjólfsdalur and offers a great hike. From there you can go on to hike to the top of Blátindur, Heimaey’s second highest mountain.

It is also enjoyable to hike along the ridge, over the so called Eggjar and to the top of Moldi. From there you go down the Háin and then finish this nice hike in the harbour area.

Heimaklettur is always a great attraction for hikers. It is 283 metres and Heimaey’s highest mountain. The highest part of Heimaklettur is called Háukollar and from there hikers can admire the view over all the Westman Islands and even see all the way up to the mainland, on a clear day.

In a few places you will find paths leading up the top of Heimaklettur so your hike should be a pleasant one.

From Heimaklettur more experienced hikers can proceed to Ystiklettur but this part is only for those who are familiar with the terrain.

Klifið is a relatively demanding hike, partly steep with sliding sand underneath you. There is a rope along the path making the hike less strenuous. The cliff at the top of Klifið is rather loose and can pose danger. It is imperative that hikers are well aware of this.

Same applies in the Westman Islands as in other parts of Iceland when hiking. It is very important to get familiar with circumstances before heading off. Talking to an experienced local is always a good idea and check the weather forecast right before you leave. Weather can change rapidly in Iceland.