The stream of lava that broke its way to the surface in the 1973 volcanic eruption covered one third of all houses in Heimaey while ruthlessly forming new land to the north and east

The new lava made more impact on the eastern part of Heimaey, from the Skansinn and all the way up to Skarfatangi, by Stakkabót. Today, the coastline in this area changes from year to year, the lava easily recedes due to coastal erosion.

Gjábakkafjara is a rocky shore, an extension of Skansinn, next to Viðlagafjara. Gjábakkafjara and Viðlagafjara are divided by a lava cliff. Above Gjábakkafjara, by the lava hill Flakkarinn, there is an impressive viewpoint. There is a hiking path that goes from the seashore to Flakkarinn, to the east along the edge of the lava above the seashore.