It is not easy to describe the atmosphere that fills Herjólfsdalur during the Festival

This most attended summer celebration in Iceland with up to 16.000 guests, takes place during the last weekend in July or the first one in August. By nature, this valley is custom made for The Festival where thousands of guests from all over the country, and increasingly from other parts of the world as well, gather for music, dance and good company.

It is really much more than just a weekend as many guests start arriving on the Wednesday before the weekend. It has a long history, dating back to 1874 when around 400 people gathered in the valley around noon, played sports, raised tents and decorated them with flags and ribbons. This was a regular banquet with good food, singing and dancing until night fell.

Since then The Festival has changed and grown but some of its original traditions are still upheld. Locals gather in traditional Festival-tents and invite guests for a get together, tasty delicacies and a good talk – as they have done for all these years. The Festival nights are truly amazing with live music from some of Iceland’s top bands, an impressive bonfire and fireworks that leaving you gazing at the sky. The Festival in Herjólfsdalur is really an experience beyond words.