Vestmannaeyjar HI Hostel Iceland

HI Hostel Vestmannaeyjar is on Heimaey, the biggest island of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, and it is the only one inhabited with a population of 4.300. Vestmannaeyjar are one of the wonders of nature, a group of 15-18 islands, surrounded by mountains, islands, volcanoes, puffins and other seabirds.

Unique Vestmannaeyjar

New video about Vestmannaeyjar on display in Icelandair Entertaniment Onboard. You can also take a look here!

Stóri Örn The RIB

Introductory video on one of the rib boats at RIB Safari. Stóri Örn is the biggest boat at RIB Safari. The name Stóri Örn translates, "Big Eagle", you will understand the naming when you whatch this video.

The Cave in Hæna

"Hænuhellir" The Cave in Hæna. When the morning sunlight reflects of the ocean surface and hits the cave walls the ceiling illuminates and revels beautiful colors. You can reach the cave in Hæna by booking tours with either Viking Tours or RIB Safari.

RIB ride into Klettshellir

Short but fun RIB ride into Klettshellir in Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. Klettshellir is one of many Seamonts on Heimaey shoreline.

Visit Vestmannaeyjar promotional video

Vestmannaeyjar are adventurous islands south from Iceland. This 4 min. film shows the unique nature and activities you can experience in the town that is known for being mostly buried under lava in a volcanic eruption in 1973. Vestmannaeyjar are a wonderful place for families, couples and nature lovers to visit.

Celebration of the last day of Christmas

In Vestmannaeyjar we celebrate the last day of christmas as a farewell party for trolls, elfs and our 13 icelandic santas. The festival is held over a weekend even though the last day is always on January 6.


Diving in Vestmannaeyjar

Cool video showing divers diving in Klettsvík at the southern most tip of Ystiklettur close to the harbour entrance.

Þjóðhátíð 2014 - 140 ár frá fyrstu hátíð

Stikla sem sýnd var í Herjólfsdal á laugardagskvöldi Þjóðhátíðar 2014 í tilefni þess að 140 ár eru liðin frá fyrstu hátíð.

Þrettándahamingjan er hér

Lokalag tónleika Jónasar Sigurðssonar og lúðrasveita Þorlákshafnar og Vestmannaeyja sem fóru fram í Höllinni í Vestmannaeyjum lau. 04.01.2014 ásamt myndefni frá Þrettándanum í Eyjum 03.01.2014.

Slippurinn Eatery video

A short video about our family run eatery in Westman Islands, Iceland. We are open from May to September and our kitchen is Icelandic / New Nordic.

RIB safari video

Check out how much fun you can have when going on a Ribsafari Trip.

Hótel Vestmannaeyjar video

A video from the construction and opening of a new wing.

Einsi Kaldi

A promotional video for the catering service of Einsi Kaldi in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Visit Vestmannaeyjar - long version