Ugly Food Festival

During the darkest and longest days it is always good to find some reason to celebrate. So why not celebrate just that? And how about celebrating by eating old and rotten food. Well the Icelanders call it Thorrablót or Þorrablót. The Viking festival is sometime called the "Ugly Food Festival" by foreigners and if you visit Iceland in late February you might be lucky enough to witness or take part in this strange festival.

The festival is in fact a Midwinter Festival, it is held annually from the mid-January to mid-February or during the coldest and darkest days of the year. The locals in Vestmannaeyjar are no exceptions, although it can be tricky to find the "ugly food" on the restaurant's menu in Vestmannaeyjar. But just as the Christmas beer is important for the Icelanders during the holiday season the Icelandic breweries brew their special Ugly Food Beer or "Thorrabjór" to drink with these Viking dishes. So if you dishlike the food, you can always go for the beer, Cheers!

Here you can watch how CNC World TV covered the story the Icelandic Midwinter Festival.