Sirkus Íslands in Vestmannaeyjar

The first, one and only circus in Iceland, Sirkus Íslands is travelling around Iceland this summer and will put up their tent in Vestmannaeyjar July 2nd-5th. The circus tours with three different shows aimed at different age goups and attention spans: 

Heima er best is the grand family show, S.I.R.K.U.S. is for younger crowds and the young at heart, and the adult circus cabaret Skinnsemi. The shows take place in the circus tent Jökla. Detailed information on each show and ticket sales are onhttp://midi.is/leikhus/1/8980/Sirkus_Islands_Vestmannaeyjar and by the tent on show days.

Thursdsay July 2nd
17:00 Heima er best
Friday July 3rd
16:00 Heima er best
20:00 Skinnsemi 
Saturday July 4th
12:00 Heima er best
16:00 Heima er best
20:00 Skinnsemi
Sunday July 5th 
11:00 S.I.R.K.U.S. 14:00 
Heima er best