The Vestmannaeyar golf course is located on Heimaey, the only inhabitated island of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. Vestmannaeyjar ar a group of islands of the south coast of Iceland.   The golf course is partly within a volcanic crater which gives the golf coarse a very specila feel. Teeing off against a backdrop of volcanic walls; changing wind directions on the same hole and playing across and over the sea are all features of golf in Vestmannaeyjar. The course has a reputation for having the best greens in the country. 

The Golf Club of Vestmanneyjar is the third oldest in Iceland, founded in 1938 by 36 dedicated people.

To begin with, the small valley Herjólfsdalur, was the settlement for the first 6 holes.  Three of the original holes are still in use and those holes are the oldest golf holes in Iceland. Only year after a small clubhouse was finished in the east part of the valley and then enlarged in 1945.  In 1962 the course boasted full 9 holes.  National celebration in Herjólfsdalur forced the members to seek out new land south of the valley and in continuance of that a new clubhouse was built.  

The old house is now used as a lodging cabin for travelers.  The catastrophic eruption in 1973 changed all plans regarding the new club house and the game of golf as volcanic ashes covered the whole course. Temporary course of xxxx holes replaced the 9 hole course until all ashes had been removed and that took full 4 years.  In 1989 a new elegant club house was built as an addition in 1973 decision had been made to add another 9 holes but that came not to reality until 1994.  The old course was left almost unchanged but the new layout was built on the seashore. The design is considered to be extraordinary in a magnificent surrounding where birds are in perfect harmony with the Atlantic ocean on one side and the rough shore on the other.  Sometimes golfers just forget that they are playing for score in this land of contrast.

As Alister Nicol from GOLF MONTHLY wrote about the golf course “The Westman Islands course nestles in the crater of an extinct volcano and its scenery has to be seen to be believed.
It is golf, if now quite in the raw, the  just as I would imagine my Scottish forebears intended it to be. There are no obsessively manicured fairways here. But there are a series of spectacular holes which take one´s breath away.” 

The course has many times hosted the Icelandic National Championship and again in 2008.  The course hosted the Scandinavian championship for Amateurs in the year 2000.  Golf Monthly ranks the course in Vestmannaeyjar as one of the best 200 courses in Europe.  The course is demanding, especially the back 9 holes, but once you have tried you will certainly be back.  The mild climate in Vestmannaeyjar during the winter makes it even possible to play the whole year.

Volcano Open

The Volcano Open Golf Championship is a very interesting and enjoyable golf event in Iceland.  It is an international event which attracts golfers from various parts of the world.

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Here are some highlights that you might see and experience in some of our tours; lava coastline, deep bird cliffs, puffins, gannet, colourful ocean caves, biggest and oldest elephant in the-world, worldwide almost youngest volcano, windiest place of Europe, Mid-Atlantic ridge, saxophone in the cave

Viking tours is a fully licensed travel operator with many years of experience in Westman Islands. We can offer you a wide range of magnificent experiences in Westman Islands like boat tours, bus tours, hiking tours and catering service. Viking tours office is located at café Kró on the small boat harbour nearby the ferry.

Enjoy the unique volcanic nature, one of the largest varieties of see birds in Iceland, the volcanic coastline with their deep bird cliffs, the youngest volcano in the world, one of the windiest places in Europe and the fantastic view to the mainland and over Westman Islands like Surtsey during our tours. Before or after the tour you can enjoy a lovely hot soup with bread and coffee/tea at lunchtime, and/or something sweet with coffee/tea in the afternoon. 

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Do you want to experience the Westman Islands like a local? Then you should go on a Ribsafari trip. Terrific RIB boat trips that will leave you with a permanent smile. 

We at Ribsafari are all born and raised in Westman Islands. Since birth we have been going on trips on RIB boats around the islands and now we want you to experience that as well.

Join us on terrific RIB boat trips around the islands and we will introduce you to the them and the life we live here, while you enjoy the spectacular nature, bird life and scenarios. You can choose from various trips, all depending on your interest. Puffin Watching, Elliðaey Trip where you can go onshore and have a guided tour on land, Round Trip, Small Islands Trip,  Trip to the youngest island in the world; Surtsey or trip to Súlnasker, wchich is the most magnificent island in Westman islands.  We also offer Tailor Made Trips, Group Trips and Luxury Trips where you can bounce on the waves with your loved ones and end the journey at a private spot where you can wine and dine like there is no tomorrow.

Ribsafari is the #1 attraction in the Westman Island according to Tripadvisor. One of our visitors quoted: “Ribsafari is a must when you’re travelling in Iceland. Just go for it. Otherwise you’re going to miss out on a great adventure.” Another one said “Do not miss this! What a GIANT blast! I am smiling thinking about it.”

So don’t hesitate, we have all the equipment you need for the boat ride so there is nothing left to do except book an adventurous trip with us.

We look forward for seeing you. 

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Make your time in Vestmannaeyjar unforgettable with our unique tours. Custom made experiences for your family, group of friends or just for you. Full day or just part of the day with our expert guidance, you will discover the wonders of Heimaey. Eyjatours offers all kinds of luxury tour, walking tour and guided car tours.

We are fully licensed local family business here in Heimaey (born and raised). Our family goes back to the early 1800, so we know every inch of the island. It is a great pleasure and pride to be able to show you our home with our experience as guides. Our goal is to make your trip magical and memorable so you will never forget this amazing island.

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SegVeyjar is the first Segway PT rental in Iceland. It was founded in the Westman Islands in May 2010. 

A Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self balancing electric vehicle, which you stand on and control with your body – forward, back and side to side. The Segway PT is environmentally friendly and very silent. Stepping on a Segway is a huge experience, as is gaining control of the Segway which happens very quickly, contrary to what people generally think – then comes the Segway smile. J
The main operation of SegVeyjar will be in the Westman Islands, where we will offer both individual rentals and tours of Heimaey. During the summer we will, however, also be travelling the country and will visit some of the larger town festivals and introduce this unusual and exciting vehicle.
SegVeyjar is a family owned company, owned by Gudrun Mary Olafsdottir and Bjarni Olafur Gudmundsson. 

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Is the fishermen´s life the most dangerous profession in the world?  We also tell about the Pirate Raid in 1627, the volcanic eruption in 1973, the cultural heritage of the islands and more. 

Opening hours in sumer (1st of May to 30th of September): Everyday from 10:00-17:00.

The museum holds several permanent exhibits though there are always smaller temporary exhibits and various events and special affairs that are advertised when the occasion arises.

Is this the most dangerous profession in the world? The fishermen´s and fish workers work is by far the most important part of the history of Vestmannaeyjar. Photos and multimedia indicate how they survived hardship and difficulties through the ages.

The volcanic eruption in Heimaey 1973: The exhibition shows pictures of the event and locals recall the night´s events and the restoration of the town.

The pirate Raid 1627: The story is told through pictures. A pirate cave for the children with costumes and a treasure chest.

Of cultural heritage in Vestmannaeyjar:  At the museum you can also learn about our “National” Festival in August, The Vestmannaeyjar legion, the life of the women of the islands, sporting history and Icelandic Mormon immigrants to Utah 1854-1914.

Ráðhúströð, 900 Vestmannaeyjar

In the museum you can meet the Puffin Tóti. He was found abandoned in a puffin colony when he was about one week old. It was in the end of the season, when all the other pufflings were much bigger than Tóti and ready to leave their nests. Tóti is gentle and likes the attention he gets from the museum's visitors.

Opening hours in sumer (1st of May to 15th of September): Everyday from 10:00-17:00.

The Aquarium and Museum of Natural History was established in 1964, the first of its kind in Iceland. The museum has not been influenced by trends or fashion and has remained virtually unchanged for 50 years. 

In the museum there are tanks containing live fish and various benthic species characteristic of the North Atlantic, and the visitors can even touch some of them. The aquarium has a flow-through system and the water resource is a well, located beside the aquarium. The water is pure and clean due to filtering through sand and lava. 

Most of Iceland´s nesting birds are mounted and on display in the museum including a collection of their eggs. There are also quite a few specimens of vagrants and migratory birds and also some very rare species of fish and crabs. A beautiful collection of rocks and minerals is on display in the Museum of Natural History. 

The museum is also a bird rescue center so there is often possible to see various species of birds and there is often a puffin wobbling about.

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Sæheimar, Heiðarvegur 12, 900 Vestmannaeyjar

Háaloftið is a concert and a piano bar on the second floor of the Palace.

The aim is to offer regularly concerts where interesting artists and bands. In the interim there we will give Eyjamönnum the opportunity to jump up from the couch, throw away the remote control signals, turn off your tablet and hasten to the Háaloftið to show themselves and see others in a quiet, homelike atmosphere. No noise, no fuss, but still fun and atmosphere to Eyjamanna ordinance, when applicable.

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Strembugata 13, 900 Vestmannaeyjar

The swimming pool consists of a nice indoor pool and one of the most beautiful outdoor water slide areas in Iceland. It is a inexpensive sport for both adults and chilren. Every pool is heated from 29,5°C to 42°C. 

The inside swimming pool  is 25 m in length and 11 m in width. The water in the pool is slidely saline or with 0.09% salt water and heated to about 29,5°C. There are many toys in the shallow end of the pool as well as an basketball ring. The deeper end has a 1 m springboard.

There is also a lift for disabled people to assist in entering and exiting the pool. 

The outside area is family friendly with tubs, sauna and water slides. There are three tiled hot tubs with temperature ranging from 37°C to 42°C and a wading pool with temperature around 34°C. 

The tubs have numerous nozzles for back and calf massage, high pressure masage for the brave one and a massage waterfall. The wading pool is ideal for relaxation and sunbathing in the shallow water.

Associated with the wading pool is a deeper pool with water nozzle, traditional rounded waterfalls, basketball ring and a climbing wall with the outlines of Heimaklettur (the highest mountain in Westmann Islands).

There are three water slides in the outside area, one is connected to the pool with the climbing wall and two are connected to a deep pool facing the the big hot tub.

  • The ELDFELL water slide (the Volcano) aimed for children.
  • The STÓRHÖFÐI water slide (the Big Cape) which consists of three open tubes which delivers you fast and straight into the pool.
  • The DUFÞEKJA  water slide (the cliff Dufþekja)which is a steep tupe that ends on a big tramboline, more than 20 meters long. 

There is also a sauna (46-47°C ), outdoor shower and a sunbating area.

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Swimming pool, Brimholalaut, 900 Vestmannaeyjar

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