Sagnheimar Folk Museum

Is the fishermen´s life the most dangerous profession in the world?  We also tell about the Pirate Raid in 1627, the volcanic eruption in 1973, the cultural heritage of the islands and more. 

Opening hours in sumer (1st of May to 30th of September): Everyday from 10:00-17:00.

The museum holds several permanent exhibits though there are always smaller temporary exhibits and various events and special affairs that are advertised when the occasion arises.

Is this the most dangerous profession in the world? The fishermen´s and fish workers work is by far the most important part of the history of Vestmannaeyjar. Photos and multimedia indicate how they survived hardship and difficulties through the ages.

The volcanic eruption in Heimaey 1973: The exhibition shows pictures of the event and locals recall the night´s events and the restoration of the town.

The pirate Raid 1627: The story is told through pictures. A pirate cave for the children with costumes and a treasure chest.

Of cultural heritage in Vestmannaeyjar:  At the museum you can also learn about our “National” Festival in August, The Vestmannaeyjar legion, the life of the women of the islands, sporting history and Icelandic Mormon immigrants to Utah 1854-1914.

Ráðhúströð, 900 Vestmannaeyjar