Sæheimar, aquarium

In the museum you can meet the Puffin Tóti. He was found abandoned in a puffin colony when he was about one week old. It was in the end of the season, when all the other pufflings were much bigger than Tóti and ready to leave their nests. Tóti is gentle and likes the attention he gets from the museum's visitors.

Opening hours in sumer (1st of May to 15th of September): Everyday from 10:00-17:00.

The Aquarium and Museum of Natural History was established in 1964, the first of its kind in Iceland. The museum has not been influenced by trends or fashion and has remained virtually unchanged for 50 years. 

In the museum there are tanks containing live fish and various benthic species characteristic of the North Atlantic, and the visitors can even touch some of them. The aquarium has a flow-through system and the water resource is a well, located beside the aquarium. The water is pure and clean due to filtering through sand and lava. 

Most of Iceland´s nesting birds are mounted and on display in the museum including a collection of their eggs. There are also quite a few specimens of vagrants and migratory birds and also some very rare species of fish and crabs. A beautiful collection of rocks and minerals is on display in the Museum of Natural History. 

The museum is also a bird rescue center so there is often possible to see various species of birds and there is often a puffin wobbling about.

+354 481-1997
Sæheimar, Heiðarvegur 12, 900 Vestmannaeyjar