The best way to travel between the mainland and Vestmannaeyjar. Sailing time only 35 min.

Herjólfur sails 34 trips per week in summer schedule and 28 trips per week in winter schedule.

Herjólfur sails between Vestmannaeyjar and Landeyjarhöfn, sailing time is 35 min.

Passengers should arrive for check-in 30 minutes before the departure.

Herjolfur is 70,5 meters long and 16 meters wide. The ship has two 2,700 KW main engine. Cruising speed of the ship is 16 miles. The ship takes 388 passengers and 60 cars per trip.

The ship has a dining room, TV room and lounge. The cafeteria offering hot meals, sandwiches, snacks, cakes, coffee and other drinks.

Herjólfur one children's room with toys and television.

Benches are on deck for those who prefer to enjoy the scenery and the fresh sea air while.

Distance between Reykjavik and Landeyjarhöfn is 135 km.

Busses drive between Reykjavik and Landeyjarhöfn for more information www.straeto.is

+354 481 2800
Herjólfur, Básaskersbryggju, 900 Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland