Guesthouse Árný

Guesthouse Árný is a comfortable and friendly place to stay at whilst visiting The 
Westmann Islands. 

We are located in a quiet and convenient area by Illugagata 7, which is only 100 
meters from the swimming pool and gymnasium. The town center and the golf 
course are in 300 meters distance. 
We offer made up beds and sleeping bag accommodation for 2 up to 10 persons per 
room, with breakfast and cooking facilities. We have 15 different rooms to offer and 
all the rooms are different. Access is to a bathroom/ shower, kitchen and a 
microwave in some rooms 
All rooms have access to TV and FREE Wifi internet connection.

+354 6909998
Guesthouse Árný, Illugagata 7, 900 Vestmannaeyjar