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Sagnheimar Museum

The Folk Museum of Vestmannaeyjar is a new museum built on old traditions. In addition to the many artifacts housed there, today’s technology gives the history and culture a new dimension. While the adults are learning about the stories of fishing, cliff hunting, the Eldfell eruption of 1973, and the Algerian pirate raid of 1627, the children can dress themselves in pirate costumes and search for hidden treasure in the pirate cave.


The puffins are here!

In Vestmannaeyjar you have a great opportunity to see life puffins flying around the mountains and sitting in the cliffs. 


Music celebration

This coming weekend, May 20– 21, Háaloftið will be hosting a large music celebration.  Alongside this various restaurants in Vestmannaeyjar will be offering special three course menus and museums will also be hosting some musical events.


Spring is the season

Spring is the season I love the most. Not only because the sun shines for longer time and the temperature rises, but rather because spring is the season when they open Landeyjahöfn.


Ugly Food Festival

During the darkest and longest days it is always good to find some reason to celebrate. So why not celebrate just that? And how about celebrating by eating old and rotten food. Well the Icelanders call it Thorrablót or Þorrablót. The Viking festival is sometime called the "Ugly Food Festival" by foreigners and if you visit Iceland in late February you might be lucky enough to witness or take part in this strange festival.


The last day of Christmas

Because of weather The Thirteenth festival has been delayed until the 9th of january.

Traditionally the last day of the Christmas holidays in Iceland is on the 6th of January. However, the festive people of Vestmannaeyjar move the celebration to the nearest weekend because the festival is just to big for a small afternoon gig. 


The Puffling Patrol

The Puffling Patrol Program has been in place in Vestmannaeyjar since 2003. The goal of the program is to assess the number and condition of the pufflings that land by mistake in the town each year. 



The Vestmannaeyjar race

Do you like running in exotic places? How about running on a volcanic island?  Don‘t worry, the volcano hasn‘t been active lately and the inhabitants living on the island are quiet sure that it’s just as save to run on the island as it is on any other running track in Iceland. 


App for Þjóðhátíð

App for Þjóðhátíð is now available for both iPhone and Android phones. In the app you can see the agenda, song, map and other information for the festival.

You can also see photos connected to the festival and post photos yourself.


Sirkus Íslands in Vestmannaeyjar

The first, one and only circus in Iceland, Sirkus Íslands is travelling around Iceland this summer and will put up their tent in Vestmannaeyjar July 2nd-5th. The circus tours with three different shows aimed at different age goups and attention spans: 


Vestmannaeyjar Travel App

Dif you know  that you can download the Vestmannaeyjar Travel App for both Android and Apple phones or tablets. Simply go to the Google Play or iTune App Store and install it from there. And it is free.


The ferry Herjólfur will go extra trips

The ferry Herjólfur will go extra trips on Fridays and Sundays this summer.


Great hamburgers at 900 Grill

900 Grill has long been renowned for good steaks and incredible hamburgers. According to information from the owner and chef of the place the chefs at 900 Grill house are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to raise the respect for his classic fast food. The Lobster hamburger is one of their most popular dishes and a good example of how the hamburger is not just quick refill but a nice treat for the taste buds. 


Opening hours for Sagnheimar and Sæheimar

Opening hours for Sagnheimar, folk museum and Sæheimar, aquarium.
Sumer (1st of My to 15th of September): Everyday from 10:00-17:00.


Swimming pool, opening hours

Summer schedule and ocpening hours during Easter.



Opening hours for the museums

Opening hours for Sagnheimar, folk museum and Sæheimar, aquarium
Winter (Nov.1-May 15) open Saturdays: 1:00pm-4:00pm


Herjolfur, winter schedule

Winter shedule effective from 15.9.2014
Herjolfur will sail five trips on Fridays and Sundays. Four trips on Mondays,Thusdays, and Saturdays. Three trips on Tusdays and Wednesdays.

More information: