SLIPPURINN is a family runned restaurant located in an old workshop that used to serve the old shipyard only open 4 months a year

Since opening back in 2012 Slippurinn’s popularity is spreading far and wide, beyond their shores of the Westman Islands cause of the quality of food, drinks and service in such an remote location.

Their approach is honest and simple yet refined, cooking from the seasons and respecting the whole ecosystem behind the sources. Combining old methods with new techniques, preserving recipes but still ever exploring for new flavors. The focus is high but the atmosphere relaxing and casual.

The chef Gísli Matt has become one of the leading chef in the rise of Icelandic cuisine in the last years, despite young age. He runs the restaurant along with his sister Indíana who is the general manager, mother Kata that is the head waiter and his father Auðunn that is a head of constructions and a fisherman.

SLIPPURINN was voted the 2nd best restaurant in Iceland in 2016 by White Guide and has been on top of TripAdvisor list for the whole south region of Iceland for 5 years in a row.

You can read more about SLIPPURINN on their website.