Eat & Drink

/Eat & Drink

The islands offer a variety of places to eat & drink. Of course there’s plenty of fresh seafood to find in fine dining restaurants and bistros, cozy cafes perfect for relaxing in during a stroll around town, craft beer halls and  humble hot dogs “pylsa” in quick and easy shops to name a few.

Restaurants & Bistros

Fresh seafood, gourmet burgers, steaks, asian vibes, pizzas…you name it.


Cozy cafes to relax in during a stroll in town. Excellent coffee, pastries, sandwiches and something to read in some places.

Quick & Easy

 No fuzz. Sometimes a dirty burger and fries will do the trick but of course there are healthier options. Look out for gas stations for burgers and hot dogs, car supplies, toys and whatever you might need.


Grab a cold one in one of the bars after a busy day, wether you prefer craft beers or basic pub drafts, you can find something to your liking.